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Mobile app development brings technology to the retail market.

Physical retail is not all about sales anymore! Retail spaces will rather act as living and breathing physical portals into brand and product experiences. Beyond mere consumption, we’ll go to these spaces for entertainment, education, connection, and community. In short: The emphasis is on the relationship with the consumer. However, to enable sustainable growth in retail, we are forced to radically redefine the core of retail, which goes far beyond “Digital Retail”. So, mobile app development is doing it.

That is why we began to set up interdisciplinary teams of strategists, analysts, digital experts, and futurists. They identify and define solutions for the retail landscape of tomorrow. Massive knowledge and insights from research, trend studies, and discussions. We build up our creativity paired up technology in reshaping your retail.

It’s been evident for several years that everything goes mobile. And this notion applies to retailers more than for anybody else.

But let us not jump ahead and take a closer look at the mobile industry to find out what is going on and what opportunities it opens for retail business.

Recent Flurry research shows that American consumers spend, on average 3 hrs and 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices. Going further, we’ll see that 90% time on mobile is spent in apps.

What does it mean for retail business?

The mobile revolution has changed the way retailers can interact with their customers. There is no need anymore to rely on billboards or printed materials to advertise discounts and special offers when you can do it more efficiently through an app.

Moreover, mobile growth has impacted and changed customers’ buying habits.

They compare prices, search places, goods and other buyers reviews using their smartphones.

Today mobile commerce grows like a weed outdoing all other kinds of e-commerce.

Mobile apps for retail business demonstrated astounding growth 81% in 2015.

According to the IBM report, mobile devices accounted for about 57% of all online shopping traffic this past Black Friday in the US; it is up to 15% over the same period in 2014.

Lastly, 54% of customers consider a mobile app for retail business much more convenient and more comfortable in usage than a mobile site.

So, mobile apps are becoming more and more common in retail. If you want to keep up to date your business, you should consider custom retail mobile app development.

In conclusion, our team can provide you with experienced and dedicated best solutions with powerful, secure and custom mobile app development.

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